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Personal Estate Planning Prices

We feature an estate-planning package that includes:

  1. Pour-over Will
  2. Revocable Living Trust
  3. Advanced Medical Directive (Living Will) and Appointment of Health Care Proxy
  4. Durable Power of Attorney
  5. Memorandum of Trust (6)
  6. Instructions on transferring Assets and property into the Trust
  7. Advanced Mental Health Directive
  8. Quitclaim Deed for one Property
  9. Detailed planning guide for funeral plans and wishes
  10. Survivors guide to handling Estate issues.

This package is available for $750.
A spouse may get the same package for an additional $600.

If you need a specialty trust or will or other document not listed below, if your estate is over $2,000,000, or if you need onsite services for either the disabled or home bound please contact us for appropriate pricing.

We also provide other estate planning services.
Here are some of the services and individual prices:

  1. Advance Mental Health Directive $75
  2. Advanced Medical Directive $75
  3. Amendment to Trust $85
  4. Assignment of Mortgage $50
  5. Durable Power of Attorney $95
  6. Memorandum of Trust $75
  7. Quit Claim Deed $50
  8. Revocable Living Trust $600
  9. Standard Will $100

Independent Trusts

  1. Child's Educational and Support Trust $600
  2. Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QTIP) $600
  3. Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust $600
  4. Intentinally Defective Trust $600
  5. Dynasty Trust Package $2,500
  6. Wealth Preservation Trust $1,500

Additional Trust Provisions

  1. Separate Educational or Spendthrift Trust Provisions $300
  2. Generation Skipping Trust provision $300
  3. QTIP Trust provision $150

A Trust that has not been funded with the transfer of assets into it is of no value. If you need assistance funding the trust, beyond basic instructions, those services are available with pricing dependant upon the sizes, types and locations of those assets.

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