Intellectual Property & Technology Law


Intellectual Property and Technology issues have become a major concern for most American businesses. At Jones Law Office, we concentrate on:

  • Preparing and guiding clients in obtaining trademark and copyright registrations
  • Representing software companies, marketing companies and other businesses in copyright and trademark infringement litigation
  • Representing companies of all sizes in trademark and copyright infringement litigation
  • Representing clients in trade secret and unfair competition matters

We have broad experience representing companies in trademark, trade secret, copyright and other intellectual property matters, including counseling, representing and litigating with respect to the full spectrum of intellectual property matters.

Intellectual Property or "IP" is any creation by human intellect that has commercial value. Intellectual Property law allows people and businesses to protect their rights by affording to them an opportunity to stop trespassers and, in many cases, recover damages.

Types of Intellectual Property Include:

Patents which provide inventors and those with rights to inventions the exclusive right for a limited period of time to prevent anyone else from making, using, selling, or importing the inventions without their permission. Patents are granted on machines, articles of manufacture (devices), compositions of matter (materials), processes (methods), and improvements of any of these.

Trademarks consist of words, phrases, symbols, logos, designs, sounds, and others that identify sources of products or services (Service Mark) in the marketplace. Businesses use trademarks and service marks to distinguish their products and services from others to prevent consumer confusion.

Copyrights are rights granted to owners of creative original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression. A copyright applies to the literal expression of an idea, not the underlying idea or concept. As soon as an expression is placed onto a tangible medium (paper, film, recording, CD-ROM, sculpture, and many others), the copyright comes into existence. Registering the copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office creates a legal presumption that 1) the copyright is legitimate and 2) allows the copyright owner to recover damages (compensation) without the need to prove any actual harm. Types of works that can be copyrighted include: photographs, movies, videos, recordings of music and speeches, song lyrics, musical compositions, choreography, books, poems, manuscripts, paintings, sketches, sculptures, architectural designs, computer programs, maps, models, crafts, jewelry, and many more.

Trade Secrets is a broad term to cover secret information that is defined by how it is treated and protected. It provides an owner of the information with a market advantage over its competitors to protect that information. To enforce trade secret actions, an owner must show that the trade secret has been maintained in a way that reasonably anticipates preventing others from learning about it. Unlike patents, trademarks, and copyrights, there is no registration with a government agency. Types of information that can be a trade secret include compositions, processes, devices, designs, formulas, recipes, information, and others.

As more Oklahoma companies become involved in supporting or developing products for Technology Industries, Intellectual Property and other issues specific to the Technology fields are being assigned greater importance. Assisting our clients withtheir IP and Technology issues is a high priority at the Jones Law Office. We assist our clients in the development of business plans and strategies to ensure the protection and enforceability of their IP and Technology rights and properties. Feel free to call for a free twenty (20) minute consultation regarding any IP or Technology concerns or issues you may have.

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